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For outdoor



Espelmes lluminària

We are manufacturers of outdoor Candles

Garden, terrace, barbecue candles ground wall stading pool.
Everything you need for outdoor spaces in terms of decoration and highly effective in avoiding all kinds of flying insects.

Enjoy your leisure space and make your environment free from mosquitoes and flies.

Each candle has an effective range against instects.
The magnificent size of the flame of our candles is inimitable, very decorative and functional. We will gladly make a custom budget for your hotel, restaurant, rural house.

Ask for a budget without obligation!

We create decorative and insect-free environments for all types of exteriors in hotels, rural houses, restaurants, swimming pools, events and much more!

We will respond to you within 48 hours

Image gallery

Illustrations of different environments decorated with our candles.

Rental for individuals and professionals

Any of our products can be rented for specific or long-term events, both to individuals and professionals. Feel free to ask us for a personalized quote.

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